Ceramic Tiles: No longer a compromise but an aspiration

Ceramic Tiles, by themselves, no longer only serve as an option for those on a budget. On contrary, many tile manufacturers have shifted to ‘exotics’ in large formats, textured, or decorated surfaces. Tiles are no longer a comprise but instead an upper end of the spectrum – an aspiration.

ceramic tiles

Setting the look and feel of the house is an important role played by tiles. Creating the desired ambiance can be difficult so consulting an interior designer can make the process easier and faster and can be useful in gaining good advice on making the correct selection for your desired feel.

We at Key One Design Solution, bring a luxury-Italian lifestyle look that is on with the trends right into your homes. Our concepts will put you on the front lines for the most extravagant, elegant, and beautifully designed homes that are tailored according to your needs and above your expectations.

Our partner, Marca Corona, is an Italian tile manufacturer company who has been producing top-quality ceramic flooring and wall tiles since 1741. They are a world leader in the field of Italian ceramic tiles and have been recognized as the benchmark in the production of ceramic surfaces. The Italian company is ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) certified meaning their products are of the highest quality – proven and tested.

Marca Corona ceramics are suitable both for commercial and residential use. Their ethical code “Made in Italy” is an emotive brand with strong values, style, design, product quality, and environmental and social responsibility.

Marca Corona

The Evolution of Tiles

The sizes of tiles have become more customized over the years. From only using 12cm x 12cm, we now have access to 120cm x 120cm, 60cm x 120cm, 30cm x 120cm, and so forth.

Ceramic tiles are among the most versatile in application and can be used almost anywhere including walls, floors, ceilings, fireplaces, and are available in various sizes, colors, and combinations. One thing that really sets them apart from other types of surfaces is that they are easier to maintain and keep clean. They can be cleaned just by using a duster and a mop and even a cleaning solution as opposed to using marbles and other raw materials where maintenance alone is expensive.

ceramic walls

According to industry experts, “The range of finish material options for building is nearly limitless but tiles still hold up as a great choice in many situations. The reasons haven’t really changed. It is durable and relatively low cost. We believe in adhering to the client’s needs and wishes in the best budget possible, which is mostly made possible by suggesting tile solutions instead of over-the-top expensive stones. Also, the tiles come pre-finished, retaining their look and finish for years, whereas with stone, it required timely polishing and high maintenance.”

Today, you can buy tiles that mimic different kinds of natural materials. Such tiles are cheaper but allow the room to look luxurious. Larger tile size and invisible seams are a must in decorating a room using stone, wood, or marble-like tiles.

Another trend in tiles making an impact within the Middle East is texture. Tactile surfaces prove to be popular as advancements in manufacturing techniques are transforming how ceramic tiles look and feel. Most now feature raised surfaces in a range of various finishes for a “touch me” quality.


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