Louvre Casa

Louvre Casa: Luxury, Art with Global Interior Flair Combined

You’ve heard of the Louvre in Paris, and the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, but have you heard of the Louvre in China? That’s right! The Chinese Louvre, or Louvre Casa, is a must-see place for world travelers, just like the museums due to its beautifully created interior design that will drop your mouth to the floor.

Louvre Casa, located in Foshan City, is a massive 380,000 sq. m. exhibition center and furnishing mall for luxury enthusiasts. The building alone is considered art because of its heart-shaking interior design in a European classical architectural complex with home furniture stores arranged in a circle around the “Constellation Plaza.”

Table of Contents:

  1. Constellation Plaza
  2. Golden Hall
  3. Home Decor
  4. Key Takeaways
Image Source: Trip.com

Constellation Plaza

Crafted in the style of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the colonnade seamlessly blends with baroque and other architectural elements, skillfully reproducing the timeless classic art of European culture. Made out of 5,060 drum joints and 14,884 steel pieces, this structure extends from the floor to the ceiling, exuding rhythmic energy and is motion reminiscent of a majestic symphony.

Image Source: Louvre Casa

Golden Hall

Another magnificent architectural must-see is the Golden Hall, known for its luxurious upholstery and artistic atmosphere. Adorned with over 60 exquisite murals and relief works, spanning a total area of 1,000 square meters, the hall immerses visitors in a captivating gallery of European history. Notable pieces such as “Virgin and Child” and “Napoleon” contribute to this captivating experience, with the murals meticulously crafted by renowned painters over a painstaking three-month period, showcasing intricate hand-drawn details.

Images Source: Louvre Casa

Home Decor

On top of the already-mentioned marvels, the Louvre Casa hosts many more exhibition halls and artistic spaces that can be explored, but between all the exhibition halls and beautiful interior designs, the visitors of the Louvre Casa can not miss out on the furniture stores. Shoppers of the Louvre Casa can also enjoy free global door-to-door service and discover brands such as Versace, Bentley, Fendi, and more!

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Location and Size: Louvre Casa in Foshan, China, spans 380,000 sq. m., serving as an exhibition center and luxury furnishing mall.
  2. Architectural Marvel: The building’s European classical design seamlessly blends ancient Greek, Roman, and baroque elements, creating a timeless art experience. Louvre Casa seamlessly integrates global interior design trends, offering a cultural experience beyond its architectural and artistic marvels.
  3. Constellation Plaza: Home furniture stores encircle the captivating “Constellation Plaza,” featuring a rhythmic colonnade made of 5,060 drum joints and 14,884 steel pieces.
  4. Golden Hall: Louvre Casa’s Golden Hall boasts luxurious upholstery, housing over 60 murals and relief works spanning 1,000 sq. m., showcasing European history.
  5. Artistic Experience: Louvre Casa’s exhibition halls and artistic spaces provide a rich cultural experience with meticulously crafted murals by renowned painters.
  6. Furniture Stores: Visitors can explore Louvre Casa’s furniture stores, offering global door-to-door service and featuring brands like Versace, Bentley, and Fendi.

Written by: Anastasia Makarycheva