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Porcelain Stoneware: a more popular option for bathroom tiles

A year after this challenging period, we have rediscovered a place to live every day – not just in the evening after a day at work. The way we perceive our homes has changed and for the better! Because of this, people are adopting more sustainable solutions when it comes to interior design.

Interior designers heavily advise in using materials that are durable, aesthetically harmoniously pleasing, and in line with the latest interior design trends. One material arises that combines all these features and that is Porcelain Stoneware.

Porcelain Stoneware is the material that perfectly reproduces different patterns, textures, and effects. The material makes it possible to design rooms of different sizes from the smallest to the largest.

In terms of durability, Porcelain Stoneware has low water absorption which makes it one of the most water-repellent solutions available. It is also resistant to abrasion and impact thanks to the firing and pressing carried out during manufacture.

Porcelain Stoneware as a popular choice for bathroom tiles

Because of the nature of its material and the way it is manufactured, Porcelain is denser, less porous, and harder. It is also suitable for in-floor heating to keep the floor warm during cool mornings.

Clays with finer particles are fired at a high temperature in order to create porcelain stoneware which means that durability and flexibility in design are achieved. Tiles can mimic natural stone varieties such as granite and limestone and even surfaces that evoke leather, fabric, and animal prints.

Additionally, due to its lower water absorption capacity, it makes its resistance to humidity notably higher which makes it highly recommended for building swimming pools, water areas, and bathrooms.

What makes Porcelain Stoneware so water-resistant is its ceramic mixture enriched with feldspar. This helps the material reach its liquid state during firing. This method covers up most of the existing pores and diminishes the tile’s water absorption optimizing its other qualities like resistance to frost, chemical attacks, and stains.

Two basic types of porcelain tile:

  1. Through-bodied – The color and texture of this type of tile disguises as chips or scratches. It is strong and durable and contains no glaze that can wear off which makes it perfect for floors, walls, and countertops.
  2. Glazed – This tile is completely covered in a wear layer or hard finish that is colored. It offers the widest range of colors and designs and is strong and dense.

Using Porcelain Stoneware in your bathrooms is a great choice if you want the advantages of ceramic tiles in terms of convincingly mimicking woods, stone, and other materials. However, DIY installation can be difficult and time-consuming so it’s better to leave that to professionals! The results will wow you with durable and elegant floors and walls that will last you for many decades.

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If you’re still on the fence about using Porcelain Stoneware in your bathroom reach out to us and we can further discuss your concerns!