Rattan interior design

Rattan is back and here to stay: 5 ways you can use it to add texture to your room

When we say the 70s are back, we’re not just talking about beaded necklaces and bangles, platform shoes, and flare pants. Rattan is leading the way in the interior design industry!

Rattan has a rich history of being used in furniture and home décor. Its material is versatile and has a woven, wicker look that fits a wide variety of interior design styles. From indoor coffee tables to outdoor patio chairs, you can incorporate this material in numerous ways. It can even fit multiple environments especially because it can be tolerant to rain and it would not warp or crack in the heat.

 If you don’t know how to style these pieces, here are 5 gorgeous ideas for you to use in your home!

Large Pendant Lights

rattan pendant lights

Rattan is extremely versatile – it can look stunning in various shapes and forms for furniture, mirrors, chairs, headboards, and lampshades. To maximize its beauty, going large on lampshades and pendant lights are our go-to.

Texture to your bedroom

rattan headboard

 One way to add texture and warmth to your bedroom is by using a rattan headboard. It gives the bed a fresh “finished” look that could tie it to other pieces like a chair or pendant light giving the perfect trio of weaves.

An abundance of Colors

colorful rattan

Rattan comes in a myriad of colors. Creative Director, Birdie Fortescue says “I’ve always loved rattan, and though traditionally used outdoors, painted rattan furniture looks incredibly chic inside. It’s easy to style and gives a relaxed, unexpected feel to a room and mixes perfectly with both antiques and contemporary pieces alike.”

Pair Rattan with different styles

rattan style interior

Rattan can keep modern interiors warm and casual by veering it from the “too cool” look and making it have more of an easygoing air to traditional rooms.  To reinforce its natural beauty, pair it with plants, floral or botanical prints, and other natural materials like wood. To achieve a more eclectic look, contrast it with sleek mid-century furniture and metallic accents.

Paint or stain Rattan for a modern look

Rattan can be stained or painted in nearly any shade – just like wood. A fresh coat of color can instantly modernize the future and give it an inexpensive elegant look. Spray-paint it with a bold, splashy color or opt for a classic white traditional aesthetic.

Still unsure how to style Rattan with your existing pieces and interior design and layout? Reach out to us today! Our team of experienced Interior Designers in Dubai is ready to help you redefine your space.