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The 10 Most Luxurious Italian Furniture Brands in 2022

Last September during the Salone del Mobile festival, major luxury designers were front and center showcasing the new trends that will set the tone for design in 2022. Top most luxurious Italian furniture brands in 2022 say that the focus is back on “sustainability, playful shapes that were more often curvaceous, and a sense of fun rooted in bright color.”

“We can expect more soft edges in our homes, as well as a fair amount of leather, silk and luxurious metals, and ethereal color combinations and visuals, or softer tones with punches of bright color.”

Due to the new trends, we at Key One Design Solution pulled together a list of the top most luxurious Italian furniture brands in 2022 you can count on to produce high-quality and visually appealing furniture.

10 Most Luxurious Italian Furniture Brands in 2022


Since 2000, Arcom has been furnishing bathrooms with exclusive made-in-Italy design using highly innovative technology. Arcom continues to research the latest trends in forms and materials.

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Image by Arcom

“The bathroom is the most intimate and private room in the home, a fluid space that is continuously evolving. At Arcom, we create an infinite number of compositions and effective pairings to make sure our bathroom furniture covers the full spectrum of personalities and modern lifestyles. For us, design work means translating complex emotions into original and innovative products.”


“Altamoda Italia suggests an emotional domestic scenario, where original lines, rich materials, and their contamination with the world of fashion create a new way of home decoration. A style made of precious details and a very personal design, allowing to decorate the house in a unique, strictly made in Italy, way.”

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Image by Atlamoda

By the meeting of fashion and design, a new concept of environment is born, now interpreted as a total look, where any decorating item, from table to sofa, from carpet to chandelier, becomes mainly a distinctive icon of style, more than a merely functional object.


“We believe in making the world a better place, which is why we create and make handcrafted products with a unique and inimitable charm.”

Image by Ahura

Every ceramic work is born from years of research and experimentation. It is a result of a pursuit repeated combined with grit to create pieces unique to their own but all with a soul.


“Since 1925, the first pieces of furniture to leave Pietro Turri’s shop were immediately identified for their quality. Three words, then as today, reassume the Turri philosophy: original, authentic, unique. These are the values that permeate all our products: from individual pieces to comprehensive interior decoration projects.”

Image by Turri

Turri’s mission is to bring the art of living amidst beauty into every room. Each piece is a true reflection of its artist’s craftsmanship bringing prestige to the Turri name.

Vismara Design

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Image by Vismara

Vismara provides everything you need to furnish your home from theatres, armchairs, billiards, motorized TV stands, sofas, bookcases, mirrors, vases, and lamps. They are specialized in the production of rigorously Made in Italy luxury furniture that will align your home with taste and elegance.


“Exclusive high-end lighting, designed and made in Italy, since 1975.”

italian lighting fixtures
Image by Italamp

Italamp is characterized by strong expertise of glass, from the most classical composition of its tradition with constant use of crystal to more recent times where new types of glass have been introduced.


alberta italian furniture brand
Image by Alberta

 Alberta was inspired in Italy’s northeast land based on the natural creativity of the local people and the centuries-old spirit of Venetian artistry. The company produces timeless sofas and armchairs as well as exclusive interior design pieces all from extraordinarily high-quality materials.


Quadrifoglio Group produces and designs complete furniture solutions to bring well-being and Italian design elegance in working and contract environments.

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Image by Quafrifoglio

From executive and operative desks to seating, from receptions to meeting rooms, from wall partitions to acoustic solutions up to the lighting: a full range of products to create exceptional comfort and aesthetic spaces.


Image by Leucos

Leucos was established in Venice, where craftsmanship has always been a synonym for art. Design goes beyond borders and designers see Leucos as an innovation lab. Leucos’ core business includes research, experimentation, and interpretation, and it evolves continuously. Design, materials, techniques, technologies, and exceptional human resources are the main contributing factors to Leucos’ success.

Francesco Molon

Francesco Molon was established over 50 years ago in Romano d’Ezzelino. Over a hundred specialized artisans are committed to the creation of unique high-end furniture pieces that us, undoubtedly, magnificent Italian artworks.

francesco molon
Image by Francesco Molon

“In our luxury furniture creations, different artistic styles and movements blend and give life to exceptional pieces, actualizing the ultimate luxury furnishing collections able to cover various purposes and embellish any interior and, especially, capable to fulfil even the most imaginative client. Molon represents the quality of classic Italian luxury furniture and the items are therefore extremely accurate, precious heirlooms.”

If you want direct access to these luxury Italian Furniture brands, make sure to contact us for your Interior Design needs so that we can ensure your home is adorned with only the best. Our team will also be able to bring you to the stores and warehouses of these luxury Italian furniture brands so you can feel the quality for yourself.