Londart Wallpaper

The Innovative Use of Wallpaper in Interior Design

Wallpaper in Interior Design has evolved numerous times over the past decades. It was only during the 20th century when wallpapers were established to become one more element of home decoration – not just suitable for the aristocracy.

Today, we can find a variety of wallpaper printing techniques. From the traditional type with rollers or cylinders to digital printing that allows an infinite color combination, wallpaper now has an endless number of formats, sizes, textures, and uses.

Innovation in the Interior design industry is infinite! Deciding materials for wallpapers are not just for aesthetics e.g. smooth and matte, textured and shiny, metallic, etc. but also according to the use and where they will be placed.

For example, Natural fibers are not fire-resistant and are very difficult to wash while non-woven vinyl is fire retardant and easy to wash. Depending on where you plan to place the wallpaper, you would need to carefully pick the base material that is perfectly suitable to your space, its location in the house, and the climate your house resides in.

Luckily, we at Key One Design Solution can handle designing your space down to the smallest details. Your involvement is crucial every step of the process but we make choosing and sourcing high-quality Italian materials for your home easier and smoother.

Our partner Londonart Wallpaper, Italy’s leading international company specializing in exclusive wallpapers, is considered to be one of the most prestigious and recognized brands in the Interior Design world. The brand’s identity is an “explosive combination of fashion, graphic and architectural elements; materials, fabrics, aesthetics, and decoration which are combined with functionality and the need to rationalize spaces resulting in solutions with strong impact.”

The ultra-innovating design, design flexibility, and elegance of materials used are the standout elements that have designed their products.

Here are some of our favorite Londart Exclusive Wallpaper21:

Why choose wallpaper over paint?

  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost efficient
  • Hide imperfections
  • Creates a rich space with texture, patterns, color, and depth

There is a vast range of elements that helps add texture, pattern, color, and depth to a space. There are several ways to achieve this but wallpaper alone is the only method that will allow you to achieve all these design qualities together as a single package making it the most cost-efficient way.

Wallpaper is not only beneficial for its aesthetic purposes but also adds longevity and durability to your walls. It gives a protective layer that is easy to clean and wash. In instances that you want to hide imperfection in your wall e.g. an uneven wall or a cracked and damaged paint job, wallpapers have the ability to disguise flaws which can be less time-consuming and tedious than fixing all the little or big imperfections.