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The superiority of Italian Fabric – Menswear

Unless your shirts are made with Italian fabric, there might be a chance you’re wearing flimsy and low-quality albeit aesthetically pleasing menswear.

According to experts, Italy is still the leading textile manufacturer when it comes to menswear. Fashion designers know that Italian factories know how to make materials that will shine on the international catwalks. Although France is regarded as the fashion capital, it is a known fact that French designers opt for Italian fabrics. But why exactly is that? Let us tell you in this blog!

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Italian Fashion and Menswear

The idea of dressing up and wearing the best men’s clothing for your “stage of life” is important in Italian culture. We can trace it back as far as the 11th-16th centuries when luxury goods like hats, cosmetics, fabrics, and jewelry soared in popularity in Italy.

After a decline during the 17th to mid-20th century, the “Italian School” of fashion emerged to compete with French haute couture and labels like Ferragamo and Gucci sprang up.

Yes, Italian fabrics make stylish women’s dresses and jackets. But if there’s one thing they are famous for, it’s the unsurpassed quality of men’s shirts, Italian suits, linen pants, and sports jackets. For Italians, men’s clothing is the path to beauty and the symbol of importance and status. It brings out their best qualities and highlights the best parts of their bodies.

Why Italian fabric is still the best

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Luxurious lightness and softness

Italian fabrics use angora wool taken from the angora rabbit’s undercoat. It is easily treatable, incredibly soft, and has a comfortable feel to it. You can create real masterpieces with this material.

Italian Mills

Italian fabrics are processed in local Italian wool mills. They produce beautiful and high-quality textiles using the best raw materials and this expertise is well known throughout the world.

Original weaving

The construction of the weave along with the beautiful pattern make Italian fabrics unique and sought after. Combined with traditional values and expert craftsmanship, any designer who knows their stuff can spot an Italian suit by looking at the weaving alone.

Guaranteed durability

The Italians use high quality, natural, and organic raw materials in the making of their fabrics which ensures their superior strength and durability. Italian fabrics last longer and have the perfect combination of quality, performance, and comfort.


Because Italian fabrics aren’t produced in mass in cheap factories in China, they have limited availability. A relatively small number of items can be made from each fabric run, making them scarce and exclusive. 

Organic textiles

Rea Italian fabric is made from all-natural, totally organic textiles. Cheap and synthetic alternatives are not alternatives. Natural textiles like wool, linen, and cotton are carefully woven by experienced tailors into exclusive, luxurious menswear.

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