VR in interior design

Virtual Reality an innovative approach to Interior Design

What if you can virtually visit your newly designed home or see your bespoke furniture come to life, even before it is built?

With Virtual Reality, it is possible!

IT Team Working on VR Project

For the average user, VR technology might be a novelty rather than a tool. Most associate it with gaming and entertainment and look at it as a way to a “fun experience.” But its use is wide and ranging from helping doctors practice difficult surgeries, allowing jurors to visit crime scenes virtually, teaching people how to drive cars and airplanes, and now, helping interior designers better communicate their ideas to clients.

For the longest time, designers and architects relied on drawings, renders, intuition, and trial and error to communicate their concepts to clients. Not only is it time-consuming, but it is also mentally and physically exhausting. Thankfully, the development of technology and the rise of VR in interior design have advanced the role of designers and made the process a little less tedious and a lot more exciting!

If you’re looking for an interior design company that uses VR walk-throughs for you to get a feel of your space before it is built, Key One Design Solution is the company for you.

Our team will work in close collaboration with you to understand your needs and conceptualize an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. With VR, the struggles of communicating your ideas through sketch or drawing will be limited.

VR in Interior Design

Home presentations

Through VR, clients will be able to virtually choose from various home designs instead of just looking through a list or portfolio. Designers can even create a catalog of designs and styles so clients can quickly find an assortment of options.

A customer-centric approach

VR makes it easier for interior designers to be able to understand client needs and effectively communicate and deliver their aspirations. Clients will be able to see how specific pieces blend together and will be more confident in their decisions.

Virtual experiences allow designers to bring in greater precision which is cost-effective and customer-friendly.

Bespoke furniture preview

One of the common uses for VR when it comes to home decoration and renovation is previewing bespoke furniture. Clients can be given the full freedom to customize and add various furniture/accessory items from real stores or generic models into the visualized room.

Testing color changes and major redesigns

Some design changes are more significant than just adding things or moving them around e.g. a full paint job is labor-intensive and expensive. Thus, VR helps by allowing a preview of how walls, floors, ceilings, and many other major design decisions will look with different color palettes before they buy materials or spend the day painting.

Similarly, previewing structural designs which are costly and complex can help reduce the likelihood of mistakes.

If you’re interested in redefining your space and getting the full experience with virtual technology, contact us today!