winter interior design trends 2021

Winter Interior Design Trends 2021

Cozy Textiles and Textures

To add comfort and coziness to the cold months of the year, you can never go wrong with going all out on furry and chunky throws and pillows! Soft accessories like flannel sheets, cashmere, or wool throws, and cotton quilts are pieces that never go out of the winter interior design trends.

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Knitted accessories are also taking the spotlight this winter along with Faux Fur on stools, rugs, and table runners. Not to mention, using texture and textile is the simplest and most cost-effective way to make your space winter-ready.

Stylish Candles and Fairy Lights

If you are most people, then you love candles too! With shortened days during winter, adding light in spaces is a must.

Candles are a favorite due to their calming glow and festive elements. A winter-scented candle is just the perfect thing to add comfort to your home! You can also use strings of light wrapped around your indoor plants and fairy lights to achieve a soft light effect if you don’t have a fireplace.

A combination of candles in lanterns or candleholders plus the aesthetic effect of fairy lights is sure to spruce your space up!

candles and fairy lights

Metallic and Mirrored Surfaces

Another winter interior design trend is to cast shine around your home by adding accents with metallic surfaces and mirrored details! Their illuminating effect will also help with light reflection and the different finishes and designs offer contrast.

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An additional cost-effective way to keep your interiors trendy during winter is by adding a combination of cool shade colors and white. Although winter is a pale and pastel season, decorating as such will make the space feel colder.

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A richer color scheme like a deeper shade of blue, midnight blue, indigo, royal blue, and ink combined with wood accents work well together. Silvery hues and various shades of gray are also a favorite winter interior design trend.

This color palette is an inspiration from nature’s neutral palette, hues of slate, charcoal, stone, mist, and fog.

Create your own Winter Wonderland and Accessorize

miniature winter wonderland
Image by Santa Cruz Parent

If you live in the UAE or any other country where it doesn’t snow, fret not! You can use miniature houses, figurines, lights, and “snow” made from fake snow spray cans. You can display this winter scene on a shelf or inside a clear or glass cabinet.

Accessorizing with bark and bare branches also make a lovely winter décor that is both wintery and rustic in aesthetic. You can place bare branches in a jar, bitch wood-inspired candles, forest-inspired artwork, or a stack of bitch logs by the fireplace.

Toasty Touches to Outdoor Spaces

Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean you’re obligated to stay inside. In fact, this is the best time to be outdoors during winter in Dubai!

You can prepare all the cozy comforts and bring them out to your patio. Having a warm outdoor space could be the answer to your winter blues.

winter in the outdoors
Image by Architecture Lab

If you need help decorating your space with the latest winter interior design trends, contact us now! The Key One Design Solution team is always ready and moving.